Time flies onboard your electric scooter. 

The world's fastest growing portable travel solution to congestion and air pollution. Folding electric scooters are ideal for commuters looking for an alternative or combination solution to public transport. With their lightweight, compact and easy to carry designs they are perfect for your car boot to travel the first and last mile to work and for popping under your desk. 

eGo Urban Top Range. 

Our top of the range electric scooters are ideal for city riding, surfaced roads or off-road paths. We think the eGo-X7 model is possibly the best portable transport solution out there for a better city commute. Designed for comfort, safety, style and fun our easy fold-able electric scooters have a unique detachable and waterproof battery allowing riders to have flexible charging anytime, anywhere. 
"The X7 is 
very good to ride. 
It is quick and stable and the bell, light and throttle are easy to control. It is a fantastic scooter." 
t3.com on the Top 10 e-scooters 

Our Promise. 

We provide customers with high performance electric scooters, parts and accessories that are affordable, high quality products giving them peace of mind at all times. Working with leading manufacturers ensures that all products sold have undergone all mandated safety standard testing and are covered by manufacturer warranties. 

Locally held stock. 

All our stock is held locally which allows us to have faster delivery times to you but is also great for reducing our carbon footprint. We encourage all our customers to wear helmets and visible clothing at all times, whilst abiding by legal riding requirements. 

Leading the revolution. 

Our mission is to help shape the micro-mobility revolution, benefiting our planet and society for generations to come. 
"The ego-X7 model is not only great fun to ride but it provides me with 
an alternative commuting solution to public transport. 
It is easy to pack in the boot of my car and allows me to scoot the first and last mile to my office." 
eGO-x7 Customer Rider 
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