Owning an eGo Urban model requires a number of electric scooter accessories and parts that will ensure you and your scooter are safe at all times. We provide a number of e-scooter scooter safety products and parts including visible vests and puncture prevention fluid alongside a number of spare parts such as tyres, wheels and inner tubes for when you need them. 

Tyre Puncture Sealant. £999 

When riding an e-scooter the threat of punctures can be reduced when using this sealant. When a puncture occurs the fluid solidifies over the hole on contact with outside air, repairing the puncture and allowing you to continue. Purchasing this fluid reduces the need to replace tyres when something sharp does get into them. 

Product Info. 

Environmentally friendly water based formula 
Suitable for Schrader valves and other valves with removable core 
Valve core removal tool included with easy applicator nozzle 

How to use. 

Take off the dust cap, remove the valve core with the tool provided with the bottle. The tyre will deflate. 
Attach the tube to the valve and squeeze the liquid into the inner tube – fill with around ¼ of the bottle per tyre 
Clean up any mess and screw the valve core back in 
Re-inflate the tyre to around 50psi 

X7 Replaceable Battery. £999 

36V / 5.0 AH – revolutionary Lithium ion battery allowing maximum riding time and detachable for flexible charging time. Use the battery charging port to charge at your office or in your home or charge outside through the stem charging port. 

Visible Indicator Unisex Vest. £999 

Safety of our riders is important to us and this ultra bright lighting system allows you to be visible from hundreds of metres and easily spotted from every angle. With integrated LEDs in the back and front of the vest you can switch between solid and strobe mode by pressing the button directly on the vest. Extremely useful, and in many countries required legally. 

Product Info. 

Recharges from your computer or any device with USB port 
It has 4 Led signals: left, right, forward, stop, from turn signals to emergency signals 
High visibility waterproof reflective vests suitable for any outdoor activities 
360-degree reflectivity and visibility, no matter day or night, you can see the reflective vest in any weather conditions 
1 standard LED indicator pack, 1 remote control, 1 remote control card holder, 1 manual, 1 Pack 
1 year warranty included 


Certifications: CE, ROHS 
2 .4G wireless led signal cycling vest 
Product size: 25 cm × 25 cm x 15 cm 
Packing: Nylon Function 
Turn indicator and parking warning 
Housing material: PC + ABS 
Housing material: PC + ABS 
Turn indicator and parking warning 
Housing material: PC + ABS 
Communication method: wireless frequency 24GHZ 
Control distance: 3 m 
Backpack / Pendant: Waterproof fabric 
Working time: 12-15H 
Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator) 
Remote control battery: 2 x CR2032 (built-in) 
Receiving battery: 4.2V, 500Ah lithium battery 
Indication type: turn left, turn right, forward, stop standby 
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